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Popular Trends You May See in 2016

Popular Trends You May See in 2016

Another new year means another year of updates in the world of home décor and design.  It’s always exciting to see what trends are going to be big as each year rolls around, and 2016 is no different.  Some of the start of the year’s hottest must-haves blow up as the year goes on, and some sort of fizzle out.  There are plenty of trends already generating a lot of buzz in 2016, but here are a few we hope will stick around for years to come!

Tech-less Living Areas
One of this year’s biggest themes in home trends focuses on rebuilding the family, and we couldn’t be happier about that.  By removing all of the technology from the living room—televisions, game consoles, entertainment centers, etc.—homeowners can create a space where the family can get together and truly be together without the distraction of this week’s hottest TV shows.  The idea is that by un-plugging a room in the home, you’ll cancel out some of that outside noise, making this room the perfect place to get lost in a good book or lose an intense game of charades against the kids.

Focal Point Fireplaces
Gathering in a technology-free environment might be one of the reasons why the fireplace is also making a comeback.  Whether it’s functional or simply for decoration, homeowners are choosing to make the fireplace the focal point of a room, with or without a 56” television screen above the mantel.

Bringing Back the Formal Dining Room
Next up, the formal dining room.  Thought they were a thing of the past?  Think again!  With things like Pinterest and homemaker shows gaining in popularity more and more all the time, it’s no wonder home owners want to bring back an area of the home that has endless potential for gorgeous, formal decorating opportunities.  On top of that, it’s the perfect place to gather around a beautiful meal with the family.  Why anyone ever thought that wasn’t important is beyond us!

Well-designed Cozy Corners
Family time is super important, but we all know there’s nothing like a little me-time after a hectic day or a long work week.  Creating a space that’s separate from the general living area either off to the side, in a well-lit hallway, or even in the master bedroom can work wonders for your stress level.  Plus, they’re such a joy to design.  Start with a comfy chair, find the perfect end table, set yourself up with a rug that feels good on your feet, and top it all off with a great accent pillow or blanket—and you’re ready to relax.  Sounds almost too good, right?

Toasty Toes and Heated Floors
There’s nothing quite like stepping out of a shower onto a warm heated floor, but have you ever thought of experiencing this sensation when taking off your winter boots after coming in from the cold?  Using this technology in your home’s entry way would be such a good treat for not only your family, but guests and pets as well!

Mixing it up in the Kitchen
When designing any room in the house, you have to think about the space from floor to ceiling.  Kitchens are one of the spaces homeowners can have the most fun with this, especially in 2016.  This year, there’s no limit on the number of materials, textures, and styles we’ll see in kitchens.  Creating a cohesive kitchen with mixed materials might be a little tricky, but when it’s done right, it can be a serious statement.  By incorporating mix-matched cabinets, varying counter tops and tiles, and combining styles from modern to rustic, homeowners can discover a one-of-a-kind style.

Black Stainless Steel
To add an extra-edgy feel to your kitchen, consider incorporating black stainless steel appliances into your design scheme. There’s always something new in the way of kitchen appliances from colors to technology, but black stainless steel is extremely eye-catching and a real statement maker.

Bathroom Luxury and Style
Why wait to make it to the spa to feel relaxed?  This year, we’ll see homeowners brining some of that luxury to their own homes.  By adding cozy elements to your bathroom, the room becomes much more than a space to just get ready and do your dirty work.  Add a chair and table to the space and relax with a book and a refreshing juice while you soak your tired bones in a warm foot bath.  For another trendy look, take down that boring rectangle mirror and show off with a stylish statement mirror to add an even more personalized look to your bathroom space.