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New Show Coming on ABC 30 with Tracy Ellis & HomeSource Custom Homes

1Rick & Tracy Ellis are proud to exclusively represent Home Source Custom Homes, a unique company that specializes in helping clients design and build custom homes from start to finish. HomeSource, a multi-generational, family-owned company was founded by Bill Courtney almost 40 years ago. Today, Bill Courtney works with his son Joe, as they attempt to grow the business with Joe’s children, and further their local presence through social and multimedia outlets.
2HomeSource Custom Homes is not your average custom home builder. Even before building begins, HomeSource can be involved in the process.
“People think they have to have a lot before they can design a house,” says Joe Courtney, “but you don’t even have to have a blueprint.”
3The company assists home builders in locating a lot, securing a loan, as well as designing and building the home—they can do it all. Working with Rick & Tracy helps HomeSource find the perfect lot and home design to fit the clients’ needs, and their network of companies and vendors makes them a great resource for the HomeSource customer. “We appreciate the partnership with Rick & Tracy Ellis and their expertise in the real estate market,” says Bill Courtney. We’ve enjoyed our partnership and we have benefited from their unique marketing approach. Tracy always tells us, “She’s going to get the secret out about HomeSource Custom Homes”.
HomeSource and other custom home building companies differ in the process in which they work. HomeSource will even build the exterior of the home and let the client finish the interior if they choose. Their Structural Insulated Panel System (SIPS), which provides amazing energy saving benefits to home owners with an average of a $0.07 saving per square foot a month on energy bills, is becoming very well-known in the area. HomeSource also provides a Custom Timber Frame, which can be used as a hybrid option with SIPS. Timber frames are both structural, and decorative. Most interestingly, however, the company also builds all log homes, and even has one built on their office site, located in Arnold, Missouri off of HWY 55 at 3787 West Outer Road. They also have an office
with Tracy Ellis at 699 Trade Center Blvd, Chesterfield, MO 63005.
After constructing the exterior, clients of HomeSource Custom Homes are able to choose any company to work on the interior. This means, there are no limitations on home upgrades, and customers are free to use family members who are contractors, or even work on the inside of their home themselves. Another option of course, would be a turnkey home, where HomeSource builds the exterior and finishes the interior to the clients’ specifications.
HomeSource has worked with countless contractors over its 40 years in business, and is happy to provide their clients with different options from various companies for kitchens, flooring, painting, etc. HomeSource knows what companies will give their clients the best results and get the job right the first time. When building a custom home, buyers do not like to be delayed.
The company has other intricacies within their process that makes building a home even simpler. HomeSource recognizes when a couple comes to them to build a home, women make 90% of the decisions, but women can also be very intimidated by the process, according to Courtney.
For this reason, they are a Woman Centric Matters Home TM Builder.
“We actually care about how the customer lives and how we can design the best home for them,” says Courtney.
With a simple test, HomeSource can apply Women-Centric research to a client’s design plans, to base designs aspects around who the client is, and how she lives life in her home.
“We provide our customers with a whole world of opportunity to finish their homes exactly how they want them,” says Courtney, including a Building Custom for Less program. They work with all budgets, and currently have homes built as far as a 200 mile radius from their home office.
Their attention to detail and the customer’s needs insures their clients will choose HomeSource to create the home of their dreams. To contact HomeSource Custom Homes, visit their website at HomeSourceCustomHomes.
com, or by phone at 636-296-0110. You can also contact Rick & Tracy Ellis to set up an appointment to discuss your requirements to help make your dream home a reality. You can reach them direct at 636-299-3702 or visit their web site at
HomeSource Custom Homes and Tracy Ellis are currently working with Wise Media to produce a show for ABC 30, where their potential clients will be able to learn the unique ins and outs of building a custom home with HomeSource.

Wise Media is a full-service digital marketing company that provides services in marketing, web design, social media, search engine optimization, branding, and more. One of their core services is video/television production. They provide filming, sound, production, and marketing
services for original television productions. They are known for their incredible 17,000 square foot facility, complete with editing suites, and a 3,600 square foot sound stage—one of the largest in the Midwest.
Wise Media works with large Fortune 500 companies, as well as small mom-and-pop organizations. Their services are incredibly affordable,as they work to get the show produced by sponsors and advertisers.
“Most people don’t know how affordable and easy it is to get a show of your own out there,” says Dan Jansen.
For those who don’t know what to expect when building a custom home, the show will provide information about the process of building a custom home with HomeSource Custom Homes, how the company works, and who everyone is within the company. Wise Media is working to make sure the show is engaging, by adding in some reality TV flavor. Since Tracy Ellis also has her own radio show, we’ve also shot some scenes in her studio while taping her show. Shawn Vinson, with Vinson Mortgage, will also be appearing on the T.V. show. Vinson Mortgage will educate buyers on their options for home loans when building a custom home. We will also include testimonies from real customers who have had varying experiences with HomeSource and Tracy Ellis.
“Were looking to do more than your typical local real estate show,” says Jansen. “We want people to take something away from the show, and keep watching episode after episode.”
By tuning into the show, viewers can feel more comfortable with HomeSource Custom Homes, and find out whether or not designing a custom home is the right choice for them. The show will air in the Spring of 2015 at 9 AM on ABC 30.
To contact Wise Media, visit their website at, or contact Dan Jansen at 636-305-1070.