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Financial Update With Thomas F. Helbig

In Financial Markets: Equities (stocks) appear to be headed for another rough year as Oil and China weigh on investor’s minds.  Last year, many of the major asset classes (commodities, internationals, emerging markets) entered what economists call a “cyclical” bear market and after three consecutive down weeks to begin 2016, it appears US Equities have as well.  No one knows if this is a “normal” market correction, or the onset of a panic fueled crash.   But we believe, given all pertinent factors, there is too much risk in stocks and propose alternate investment options.

With all of the uncertainty and volatility in today’s financial markets, we believe now is the best time to review your investment plan.  Are your investments subject to major market downturns?  What do you own?  How protected are you?  Are you working with a buy and hold investment firm?  These are just some of the important questions you should be asking yourself today.  Answer these questions, and if you’re not comfortable with the answers, seek a second opinion.  Just don’t ask the guy who gave you the first opinion.