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Bathroom Turned Oasis: Tips for Ultimate Relaxation

We all  think of our homes as a safe place where we can let our hair down and retreat from all the hustle and bustle of the work week.  In our safe havens, the buzzing of unanswered emails and pressing deadlines at work seem to fade away.  The walls of our homes lessen the blow of on-going stress and busy schedules, but there’s one room in particular that offers us an even deeper relaxation.  It’s the place where all it takes to block out the world is a closed door.  It’s where we can tend to the knots in our backs from long days hunched over a computer and lugging around little ones—the bathroom. Often times, we forget to utilize this space.  We end up settling with a room that simply houses the shower, hurriedly experienced once a day, with a few quick uses in between.  Why have we denied ourselves the luxury and sanctity a bathroom can be? With these simple details, you can take a bathroom from a typical wash room, to a personal spa retreat that you’ll really look forward to using each day.

Drawers, built-ins, and more drawers
The biggest proprietor of an unsightly bathroom vanity is a lack of storage.  From the ever-growing collections of face care products, makeup, jewelry, perfumes, and so much more, we’ve realized that one drawer and one vast, yet unorganized cabinet underneath the sink simply won’t cut it.

Make a special place for these items with built-in cabinetry featuring glass doors and shelf lighting.  These custom storage options can provide an opportunity to create a sleek display of fragrances or unique décor, making a huge statement. Sick of seeing that tangled mess of earrings and necklaces near your sink?  Try a floor length mirror that features a hidden cabinet.  Many of these luxury items even have plush-lined shelves for your diamonds and pearls.

Copper tubs
An instant visual statement in a luxury bathroom is a stunning copper tub.  Not only do these free-standing bathtubs offer an exotic and rarely seen signature piece, but they’re also a great investment.  Copper is naturally resistant to rust, making this a great material that’s easy to maintain.  If you plan on taking full advantage of your new in-home oasis, not only will this tub look beautiful, but with copper’s ability to retain more heat than most materials, you can finally enjoy those long, hot baths without stopping midway to add water and keep the temperature above freezing.

Steam showers
There’s no need to go to a five star hotel to experience a luxurious steam bath.  Now, steam showers can be added to a bathroom in the comfort of your own home.  A steam shower is a lot like an ordinary shower, but it’s completely enclosed to keep the vapor in, and it also uses a steam generator to produce necessary warmth.  Most steam showers are built with timers and a comfy seat to ensure that you can have a stress-free moment inside of your five-star luxury shower.  Not only does this lavish bathroom fixture provide the ultimate in relaxation, using a steam shower has certain health benefits such as improving blood circulation and clearing up the skin.What’s not to love about a little R&R while improving your health?

Heated flooring
You’ve decided to finally end that hour-long bath in your copper tub, but now you’re eyeing that arctic-level-cold tile flooring that sits between you and that fluffy robe hanging on the door. With heated floors, there’s no need for the mental prep-work of placing your toes on iceberg floors.

The great thing about heated floors?  They’re not just for the bathroom.  If you plan on extending this amazing feature throughout other areas of the house, you can keep your feet warm year-round.  Whether this life-saver will be waiting for your cold feet every morning out of bed, or only after a great soak, your little piggies won’t regret this investment.

Many homeowners have taken to adding a small seating area to the bathroom.  It’s a great place to add storage and mirrors to make getting ready in the morning a breeze.  By installing a sound system, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite music at the same time.  If you haven’t ever soaked in a great bath while listening to some relaxing tunes, you just haven’t lived.  Plus, it’ll be a lot harder for your family to hear your singing voice whenever you relieve some stress with a private dance break.  If you’re really into total comfort, consider adding a television in the bathroom.  That way, you won’t miss the news while getting ready for work, and you’ll be able to watch your favorite movies in the bath.  What could be better?