Tracy Ellis

Real Estate Magazine

Buying and Selling Edition 1

Choosing the Best Realtor

When you select a real-estate agent, you’re performing a thorough job interview for a prized possession. You’re choosing a stranger for an incredibly important task- one that requires trust, expertise and adaptability. Your expectations should be high, you’re selling one of your largest investments.

The agent you choose should have a high degree of professionalism and be dedicated to their work. They should also have a good reputation and don’t be afraid to ask for references from their MOST recent clients. I believe a real-estate agent should always have realistic dialogue about the market and your individual situation and not just tell you what you want to hear to obtain the listing.

While you’re interviewing the agent you can ask them to pull up their current web-site and social media apps. This will give you a good indication of how they will be marketing your property.

Suggested questions to ask during the interview.

  • Do they have knowledge of the area you’re buying or selling your property in?
  • What is their marketing plan to get your home sold?
  • Will you be talking directly to your agent after they list your property?
  • Will they provide feedback and return your calls within a reasonable time?
  • Are they a full-time or part-time real estate agent?
  • How many years have they been in real-estate?
  • How many properties do they currently have listed?
  • How many have they sold?
  • What do they feel the current value of your property is and how did they arrive at that figure?
  • Do they use social media to market their homes?
  • Is their web-site mobile friendly and up to date?
  • Do they do open-houses?

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