Tracy Ellis

Real Estate Magazine

Buying and Selling Edition 1

Photography and Real Estate

How did you get started in photography?

My wife and I took the kids on a vacation to Colorado. I realized that I forgot my point-n-shoot camera at home in St. Louis. I decided to buy a digital SLR camera and planned sell it once I returned home. Upon viewing my photos from the trip, I decided to keep the camera and teach myself as much as I could about photography. I quickly found out that it’s not just pushing a button when it comes to photography.





How did you get started photographing the Rams games?

I worked for a former player for the St. Louis Rams on another project unrelated to photography.  During that time I had access to the field for two separate events. I pulled out my entry level camera and started photographing away. Not any of my images were of the quality I was looking for. My frustrations caused me to invest in a much faster camera and lens. I photographed a lot of my kid’s sporting events. Once I felt comfortable with my work, I reached out to various media outlets and they permitted me to add content to a few news sites.
3I’ve heard a lot about HDR photography, what is that? 

HDR Photography, also known as Bracketing. High Dynamic Range adds depth and detail to a photo that otherwise wouldn’t be there. I don’t use a flash at all. I snap 3 to 15 shots and layer them on top of one another in a computer program. Using a flash can cause a shadow and isn’t great when you’re doing photos in homes or anywhere where capturing depth is needed. It’s not the latest technique or the greatest technology, but it’s difficult and time consuming so most people tend stay away from it. What do you enjoy taking photos of the most? My kids! When it comes to work though, I love taking photos of concerts. It is such a challenge at concerts because the light is always changing and you have to constantly adjust your shutter speed or f-stop to control light and depth. I love taking pictures of sunsets and animals as well.4