1Declaimed Wood has become one the hottest trends in home decorating.
The idea of repurposing everyday material that is readily available at little to no cost appeals
to the masses. The naturally distressed texture and tone can bring a vintage or rustic look to any décor whether contemporary or traditional. Nothing beats the authentic patina and rich warm tones of reclaimed wood. In addition reclaimed wood is eco-friendly which is popular trend among today’s consumer.
2What is reclaimed wood? It is wood that has been saved and is being reused and re-purposed. It known for its durability and its uniqueness no two pieces are alike. Like vintage
clothing, furniture from reclaimed wood tells a story about the past. It always contains charming imperfections that are smoothed over but never erased. Most wood comes from old barns, buildings ( architectural salvage),warehouse and the very common shipping pallet. It is possible to find extraordinary pieces on a riverbank or even on a hike through the woods.
3When opening my Home Décor store “House in Style “I wanted to incorporate this fuss worthy trend in my store. Not only did I want to create a Elegant rustic atmosphere I also to demonstrate to my clients easy “DYI”projects that can easily be replicated in their own homes. The largest feat was wood flooring. Over several weeks we collected shipping pallets from local retailers with permission and a nominal fee. After days of carefully disassembling the pallets we were ready to go. Our goal was to create a floating floor that boasted Charming Lodge feeling! We constructed large square frames that incased multiple sized wood planks. The final result was a large reclaimed wooden tile. The 32”x32” tile where then laid in a vertical pattern to completely cover the existing floor. The reclaimed wood floors are defiantly one of House in Style’s main attractions. Another example for re-purposed wood we wanted to include in our décor was a Vintage style replicated Barn doors. We came across some cedar siding that be removed from an old home in a Historical Area of St.Louis. We were able to find reproduction hardware on ebay along with old Mexican Clavos (nail heads) and handles. The entire project took less than an hour with a final cost of around $250.00. The doors give the look of a scenic Midwest farm. Love them…..
There are unlimited possibilities and uses for reclaimed wood. My Top Ten favorite ideas are: Tables, Headboards, Doors, Flooring, Shelving ,Picture frames, Wall Coverings, benches, Lighting and fireplace Mantels. I hope this article gives you inspiration to create some reclaimed wood décor of your own.
What’s with the Antler craze? Over the last few years Antlers and Animal Heads have reached a status well beyond the typical man cave. Antlers can be used in home design to create an eclectic feel . The sculptural shape of antlers adds texture and interest and their neutral color makes it easy to incorporate into any space. They go hand in hand with the reclaimed wood trend. While Antlers are always present during the Winter Holidays they can be worked into any décor anytime of the year. It seems the trend is moving away from real antlers and taxidermy mounts into faux versions made from Resin,
Carved Wood, Paper Mache, Glass and Metals. These versions are less costly and much more versatile. As a Designer I love to use antlers and animal heads. I often group different breeds like moose, gazelle & mule deer on a wall along with pictures to create a beautiful wall collage. I often incorporate antlers into my tablescapes for a down home rustic feel. I find the a single antler looks great across a stack of books on a mantel or mixed into a rich colorful floral arrangement. Whether you are re-purposing your Husbands prize trophy or you come across a great find at your favorite retailer antlers can add interest to any home.

House in Style Owner and Interior Decorator Sandra Garrett Harms has been a Designer in the St.Louis area for over 16 years. Enjoying a referral based business she has developed many friendships and clients that return time & time again.
Sandra’s philosophy is that Home Décor is much like fashion it is always changing and evolving. We see new trends each and every season. In fashion as well as Interior Design it is that “Classic Little black Dress” or that timeless piece of furniture that can be accessorized, dressed up or down and used for any occasion.
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