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Miss Aimee B’s Tea Room & Gallery

1Miss Aimee B’s Te Room & Gallery is a 27-year-old staple of the Historic St. Charles tradition. The home where Miss Aimee B’s has cultivated its thriving business was built in 1865 by Francis Martin, the father of the tea room’s namesake
– Miss Aimme Marie Louise Becker. Aimee’s family was among the first families to settle along the Missouri River, which has developed into what we know today as St. Charles, Missouri.
One of the many factors that make this combination restaurant, gallery, shopping center, and event space so special is the home’s history, along with the life and legacy of Miss Aimee B herself. Aimee was born in 1890, and lived in the home her father built until 1982, before she passed away just two 2years later at the age of 94. It is said that Miss Aimee was one of the first graduating classes of Lindenwood University, also located in St. Charles. Today, visitors can see some of Miss Aimee’s original photographs displayed throughout the restaurant, where later owners also found recipes of Miss Aimee’s, adding to the authenticity and historical charm of the tea room.
Her family’s dedication to the growth and development of St. Charles, Missouri lead Miss Aimee to bequeath her home to the St. Charles County Historical Society in 1982, at which time the journey of Miss Aimee B’s Tea Room and Gallery begins.
3Sherry Pfaender and Judy Howell, the first owners of Miss Aimee B’s, bought the home from the Historical Society in 1991. Before their purchase, the two sold local arts and crafts out of the Marten-Becker home, where they were later able to build their business, combining the Upstairs Shops and the Tea Room to preserve the treasures of Miss Aimee’s childhood home, and bring a bright and charming Tea Room to the historical area.
4In January of 2014, Zack and Brie Smithey purchased Miss Aimee B’s, and as the third owners of the home, are committed to maintaining the authentic beauty and simple elegance of the era in which Miss Aimee B’s was built.
According to Brie Smithey, “for the most part, everyhthing has stayed the same. A Few menu items have changed, but we’ve even had many of the original employees stick around.” With the usual quick turn-around time in today’s restaurant business, the 27-year-long dedication of these employees show the importance of Miss Aimee B’s Tea Room and Gallery, which continues to grow and prosper.
On the main floor, guests can sit down for a morning or early afternoon
meal, enjoy a lovely tea party for girls, or host showers, rehearsal dinners, and even small weddings. Miss Aimee’s is not your typical restaurant.
It is very quaint, cozy, and elegant—the perfect place to get in touch with your sophisticated soft side. The restaurant’s kitchens have a very unique setup, which makes for an interesting way to prepare their food.
The home has two house-sized kitchens. One is located upstairs and is where they do all of their baking. Prepping for meals and events is done on the main level, where Miss Aimee B’s makes everything from scratch, offering a number of unique, fresh menu items. The Tea Room also provides a number of beautiful menus for events. They are happy to create special menus and combinations of foods to fit the customer’s event needs.
Upstairs, Miss Aimee’s is full of shops, appropriately referred to as the Upstairs Shops, where local arts and crafts are sold.
“We support local in almost everything we do,” says Smithey.
In one of the rooms upstairs, the owners are working on opening a small bakery/juice and smoothies shop, where they plan on selling homemade
protein bars, muffins, and freshly made fruit-based beverages.
Miss Aimee B’s quaint, elegant setting is the perfect place to host events from baby showers to weddings. In October of 2014, Rick & Tracy Ellis hosted a bridal shower for their soon to be daughter-in-law Cristal. They can testify to the wonderful service and atmosphere Miss Aimee B’s provides for any event. Brett and Cristal Ellis were married December 12, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.
The outside area of Miss Aimee’s is a beautiful venue for a wedding,
up to 150 guests. Inside, the Tea Room can host up to 20 people for small, family weddings, and up to 50 people for showers, meetings, and rehearsal dinners. Miss Aimee B’s also hosts birthday tea parties, where they provide actual china and real linens to make the girls feel like little princesses.
“We just love to share our hospitality when it comes to showers and other events,” says Smithey. “Our customers tell us they feel like its home.”