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2015 Top 5 Pool Trends

1Moving Water
Nothing enhances an outdoor space like the soothing sound and shimmering sight of falling water.  Today’s consumers are finding it easier and more affordable than ever to include spectacular water features in swimming pool designs.  Beautiful fountains, waterfalls, wall accents,rain walls, jets, bubblers, many of which include LED lighting, can transform your backyard into a romantic oasis or a fun family water park, the choice is yours. Automation & mobile controls of these features make it easy for customization!

Luxurious Interior










Pebble Finishes
Crushed Pebble Aggregate Finishes have been used in resort pools and luxury spas for years.  Today’s consumer understands more of the process and the benefits of this luxury finish.  Comprised of the finest crushed pebbles and seashells from around the world this finish is relatively low maintenance and the slight texture makes for a slip-proof surface.  Aggregate pool finishes are gaining a reputation for striking beauty and long-lasting durability.

3Tanning Ledges
Often referred to as a tanning ledge or a lounging ledge, these shallow spaces are perfect places for: Toddler Splash Areas, Launch Platforms For Floats & Floating Toys, The perfect place for adults to lounge in the pool Bubblers and Umbrellas Sleeves Are Great Additions to a tanning Ledge!



4Indoor/Outdoor Spaces
Outdoor living spaces can bring traditionally indoor gathering areas such as family and dining rooms outside.  This practice has become one of our most popular design trends.  Often with the swimming pool as the focal point, homeowners appreciate the ability to extend their entertaining and living spaces adding an array of customizable features that include lighting, music, fireplaces, kitchens, the list is endless.


5Fire/Water Combination
Fire and water…two elements that naturally compliment each other.  Today’s top designers bring them together to create artistic perfection in outdoor design.  Fireplaces, fire pits, fire bowls not only provide the beauty of 6dancing flames but also offer warmth as the temperatures cool allowing extended seasons and time spent living poolside.




Infinity Pool/ Vanishing Edge

The infinity pool design (also referred to as a vanishing edge or perimeter overflow pool) made its first appearance decades ago in luxury homes that afforded huge panoramas.  Today, we have fine-tuned this design allowing its incorporation into much smaller spaces.  When the water surface visually blends with the sky view beyond the end result is breathtaking and often makes a small space seem quite a bit larger.