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Nettie White: The Porch & Interiors

As a Realtor, I’m often asked which area of a home holds the most value. Whether they’re 2renovating, buying, or selling, I always remind them that it’s the kitchen that really sells a house.  Kitchens have infinite potential to add value to the home, and if you kind find or design a unique space that offers features most homeowners just can’t find in an average, run-of-the-mill kitchen, then you can be sure you’re one step closer to making a smart investment.
One of my properties at 919 Sheffield Forest Ct. is a beautiful home with kitchen that’s downright stunning.  The overall design is flawless,but it’s the atmosphere of the kitchen that makes guests want to take a break from their busy days and stop to visit for a while.  It feels warm and lived in without looking old or dated, and that’s something you don’t come across every day.  It’s my job as a Realtor to share the best of the industry with my clients, and upon first glance, I knew I had to meet the artist who designed and executed this kitchen’s beautiful finishes.
3Whether you’re looking to spruce up a few rooms or take on a massive kitchen remodel, Nettie White is your go-to-gal for all things décor and design. Equipped with the know-how and creative energy to help transform homes into masterpieces, she’s been in business for 18 years and has significantly upgraded from her days of conducting business out of her basement.  Her current location came to her like something out of a dream. After some serious prayer 4and dedication, Nettie’s vision of owning a business that could act as an umbrella for artisans and designers to work and grow together finally became a reality.

“I would drive by this place every day, and every day I prayed that it would be mine,” said Nettie.  Until it was. Known today as The Porch by Nettie White, her thriving store front is the perfect place to get inspired for your next project.  She works with four other designers to fill the The Porch with some truly incredible and unique items. It’s a fountain of rustic charm and creativity, where you can find anything from furniture and décor to clothing, jewelry, shoes, and more.  “I get bored easy, so things are always changing,” said Nettie.“  Our customers come back week after week to see what’s new.”

Nettie is always planning ahead to what’s next, which makes it almost impossible to walk two feet in any direction without something new and exciting catching your eye.  To put it simply, the Porch is an ever-evolving hub of pure design magic.  The space also acts as the home office for Nettie White Interiors, where Nettie, along with her designers and trusted contractors, work to help homeowners realize their interior design dreams.  People come to Nettie White Interiors for projects from small updates to full-scale renovations, but their specialty is in the unique art of finishes.  Imagine a canvas with a single coat of paint.  It might be clean and appealing, but it doesn’t become art until someone uses a fine, artist’s touch to build layer after layer of brushstrokes.  It’s those layers that create a meaningful painting with depth and perspective.

By combining a variation of colors, textures, décor, and expert finishing techniques, Nettie White Interiors can give a plain, one-note kitchen an entirely new feel.  Her finishes are perfect for existing cabinets, doors, furniture, floors, walls, and everything in between. From rustic and warm to sleek and modern, they’ve got the tools and the vision to give new life to your home and furnishings.  Nettie White Interiors offers free initial consultations every Monday.  If you’re interested in what working with Nettie can do for your home, then why wait to set up an appointment?

If you’re looking for a fun day out, I’d recommend making a little trip down the quiet, winding backroads of the area until you find yourself at the front door of The Porch.  Step inside and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and meander around the store, or just spend a little time relaxing in the inviting warmth.  Nettie’s entire foundation for her business rests on providing care and love to those around her, which makes The Porch an incredible open space for artisans, designers, and admirers of what is simple and beautiful in life to gather together.

To see more examples of work by Nettie White Interiors or to take a peek at what’s waiting for you at The Porch, visit