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Exclusive look at the Estate of Sunset Bluffs

There’s nothing quite like taking a trip to your favorite lake for a summer outing. With water sports, refreshing swims, and family time, it’s one of the best ways to unwind and enjoy those blistering summer days and fun summer nights–but there’s just one problem.  Have you ever noticed how many people crowd the lake?

No matter what your favorite lake location might be, there’s always a chance your tranquil relaxation time can be obscured by other unruly tourists, traffic jams, and overcrowded waters.  Unless, however, your favorite summer getaway is actually your own private lake sanctuary.

Nestled within the beautiful Missouri landscape, the house on Sunset Bluffs is nothing short of well-designed perfection.  After six years in foreclosure, this 20 acre property finally sparked an interest in Freddrick, the designer and builder of Sunset Bluffs.  It started as nothing more than a dilapidated rock quarry, surrounded by thick woods with no front entrance.  After moving nearly 2200 loads of rock and debris, Freddrick was able to envision the home and lake in all of its potential glory.

Today, the lake is eight acres in size, twelve feet deep, and is brimming with Bluegills, Sunfish, Catfish, Grass Carp (to keep it clean), and Bass.  The water is so clear, you can easily see the fish swimming naturally in their man-made habitat.  With paddle boats, kayaks, and a private sand beach, it’s the ideal spot for enjoying uninterrupted time with friends, family, and nature.

Based off the architectural stylings of Frank Lloyd Wright, this modern 5500 square foot abode sits just feet from the water’s edge.  By incorporating Spanish-Mediterranean influences, the interior of the home is open and free-flowing.  As a whole, it lets the landscape sit undisturbed, allowing for the clearest of views and ample appreciation of the beauty of the incredible 110 foot bluffs enclosing the home and private lake.

2Freddrick kept the lake and bluffs in mind while making each and every design decision.  From the pool room to the great room, everything is open, which makes for a clear view out of the home’s impressive windows.  The window in the great room alone is 18 ½ feet high by 14 feet wide and is made of a single sheet of curtain glass–the same type of windows you might see in large hotels.  Try as you might, it’s almost impossible to find an angle in this home that obstructs the one-of-a-kind view.

Complete with five huge bedrooms and four gorgeous baths, this home has plenty of space for guests to spread out.  To recover from a long day in the sun, Freddrick created a media room with a 150 inch projector screen and seating for up to 14 people.  To make the very best use of the space, he even included a bar in the back of the room that’s just right for gathering friends and family together for a big sporting event.

In the kitchen, Freddrick installed the very best commercial appliances.
They’re reliable, heavy-duty pieces of equipment that are really made to cook.  From the floating stainless steel island that’s suspended with stainless steel cables, to the breakfast bar, this kitchen is top-notch and is designed, not only to accommodate a large number of people, but to cook for them as well.
3What makes all this space and commercial equipment necessary?  With all of his hard work to make the property come to life, it comes as a surprize to many that Freddrick doesn’t spend much time enjoying his masterpiece.  Currently, Sunset Bluffs is booked for nearly the entire summer as a vacation rental for families, businesses, reunions–you name it.  Freddrick has even hosted a number of weddings.  With the ample space, concrete pads and walkways, decks, and a gorgeous fountain in the middle of the lake, it’s a sublime venue for a romantic wedding.  To receive a large number of guests, the front driveway is a half-mile long, plus there’s additional parking for 200 cars, and a rear driveway.

The Rick & Tracy Ellis Team is honored to have the opportunity to list this phenomenal property.  It’s private, unique, and is one of the most beautiful lakefront locations in Missouri.

4With almost 10 miles of uninterrupted
land, you can catch all the different layers of the sky as the sun sets.  After a big snow, the magnificent bluffs stay covered in a blanket of white throughout the winter.  The land is abundant with wildlife and even has a half-acre grazing area that’s perfect for horses.  Needless to say, this property is ripe with opportunity.  It would make a great location for a wine-tasting business or a full-time wedding/party venue.  If you’re looking for a new business venture or a vacation spot to call your own, you won’t find anything more exclusive or original than Sunset Bluffs.

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