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Splendor & Bliss:7 High-end Trends in Luxury Home Design

When it comes to luxury homes, the more unique–the better.  It’s all about innovation and that elusive “wow-factor.” No matter where you live, it’s important for your home to stand out and make a statement.  By including one, or all, of these extravagant trends into your home, you’re sure to be a cut above the rest.

1Enhanced master bathrooms
You may have heard about doubling appliances in the kitchen and laundry room, but have you ever considered doubling your bathroom?

With dual master baths, both you and your spouse can have a space to call your own.  That means double the showers, bathtubs, and counter space.  With dual bathrooms, there’s no need to compromise. By adding your favorite amenities, like a steam

Wine-tasting rooms
Think a cellar is a wine lover’s best friend?  If that’s true, then what do we call a wine room—heaven? By creating a room dedicated to wine, you’ll have plenty of space to gather your wine aficionado friends and make a night of it.  Wine rooms combine the temperature control of a cellar with the art of tasting and appreciating fine wines.  Plus, you’ll be able to showcase your collection for guests to admire, rather than hiding the bottles away in a cellar.

Bring the spa to you
Self-care is so important, especially if you have a high-stress career.  Combat stress, anxiety, and health conditions with your own spa and wellness center.  Either in-home or detached, dedicating a space to the art of rest and relaxation can do wonders for your overall health. Centers like these can include saunas, pools, fitness rooms, spas, and everything in between. Have the ability to treat yourself at home–no appointment necessary.

2Upgraded Pools
With various designs and customizations in outdoor pools, why settle for average?  Consider adding fireplaces with built-in seating, install an outdoor kitchen with a full bar, or design your own custom rock features to add a personal touch to your outdoor space.  If you live in a spot with an incredible view, it might be time to upgrade your in-ground pool for a highly sought after infinity pool.  If you add the right amount of seating, green space, and luxury amenities, you’ll be able to maximize your fun in the sun.

Home Automation
As technology advances, so does our desire for a fully-functional Smart House.  We’re not quite there yet, but we do have the ability to control lights, music, doors, appliances, and more with just the touch of a button.  Luxury homeowners are always on the lookout for technology that will best fit their lifestyle.  By incorporating existing automated features into your home, you’ll make your life all that much easier, and maybe even inspire some friendly jealousy among your house guests along the way.

3Nightlife at home
If you love a stiff drink, loud music, and good time with friends, but hate crowded clubs—consider bringing the party home!  By creating an in-home bar or nightclub, you’ll have the ultimate house for entertaining. Design the space with a dance floor, or perhaps a speakeasy themed getaway is more your speed?  Whatever the case may be, with a decked-out entertainment space, there’s no reason to pay for overpriced, watered-down drinks on the town when you can have your favorites stocked right at home.

Detached theaters
In-home theater rooms aren’t anything new, but with the popularity of detached spaces for gyms, pools, and guesthouses, why not apply that to an entertainment space?  By adding a separate building for viewing films or watching a big game, you can create a truly one-of-a-kind environment for your family and guests to get together.

There’s no need to worry about noise disrupting the occasion, or fear of the occasion disrupting the house.  Plus, if you love to entertain (or have teenage kids in the house) it’s a perfect way for your guests to feel right at home without creating a post-party mess throughout the house.