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Nettie White Interiors & The Porch

3At a small corner on Manchester Road in Wildwood, Missouri, there’s a little design shop called The Porch.  The rustic building that houses this design haven is just over 100 years old.  The wooden colonial has also been a home and post office, and it’s aged beautifully.  The two signs out on the front are beautifully detailed, yet simple and rustic in design.  Nettie White is the owner of both The  Porch and Nettie White Interiors.  The Porch showcases the furniture, décor, and even clothing that Nettie and her team of designers pick out for all of us to enjoy.  Nettie White Interiors is a prime choice for those who are looking into custom wood ceiling beams, widening and aging effects on floors, kitchen remodels, fireplace mantles, and bookcases. Combining these two unique places together makes for a renewed touch on rustic and countryside design.
Nettie best describes her work as “a lifestyle,” and she wants everyone to enjoy the homey and unique feel that it offers.  Upon asking her how she gets her inspiration and ideas when she goes to client’s home, she replied, “It starts the moment I drive through the neighborhood—really getting a feel of what life is like there and adding a design that is timeless and fitting.”  She enjoys the feeling of nostalgia that one gets when they see their past reflected in their everyday life. After all, home is where we eat, work, entertain, sleep, and make some of our best memories.

What makes the designs so unique is the focus of life and living.
I want to start with the custom kitchen remodels Nettie White Interiors is known for. I can say with much confidence that these kitchens have some of the most amazing detail and character I have seen. Some cabinets can have wood attached to the front to look like the design was a raised carving, and some can have unique borders and are topped-off with iron handles and knobs. The kitchens have exquisite crown molding that goes around the upper edge. Lack of detail is not a concern when working with Nettie and her team. When it comes to kitchens, all of the detail comes together to create a magnificent orchestra of unique age kissed style.

Nettie White Interiors also offers custom wood beams. First of all, they offer such a great variety and choices. Each client can request more than just wood size or color—they can even choose the amount of wear on the beams (very distressed to smooth). Another interesting characteristic is that the beams can be hollowed out on the inside in order to provide a cost-effective option for each client. Not only is this good for your wallet, but the beams also weigh less, making less concern for the beams effect on the ceiling. Adding wood ceiling beams is such a great way to add character in a home and create a personalized touch.

A lot of clients also have thick, detailed bookcases and mantels made.  Bookcases can be refinished, and as Nettie says “beefed up” to be made more impressive. They add molding to the bookcases and can give them a variety of looks like rustic, traditional, or French. The mantels are thick and heavily adorned in engravings with supporting posts underneath. When I walked into The Porch, one of the first things I noticed was the impressive yet comfortable fireplace setup they had. My attention was directed immediately to the mantel.
7As I walked through the showrooms, I saw all of the different doors. Some of them are just basic doors turned into works of art. After adding finishes like espresso and pecan, they add a smooth metallic glaze to give it a nice shine. Before even entering a room, you’ll have already been impressed with the doors! And if you aren’t big on regular doors, then why not give barn doors a try? Barn doors are yet another service that Nettie offers—one she is quite well-known for. They are easy to install and slide smoothly, too, but what I love most about these doors is how the client can chose between authentic barn wood or wood that has imitation wearing. There are tons styles, finishes, and sizes to choose from, and it’s almost overwhelming. To top it off, wrought iron handles and hinges (for decoration) are a must!
6After the doors are done, you can move on to the walls. Numerous paneling, finishes, and paints are offered. All of the paints and glazes are custom made by Nettie, so it can be assured that a client is getting a truly unique design.  She would tell me more about it, but she doesn’t want to give away her secrets; a magician never reveals the secret to their magic! Trust me when I say that she can give your home the halls of a French-countryside estate!

Magic must be a common trait in her work because she can even make wood floors wider. Do you have 2 ¼ thick wood floors? Well, if you want your floors to have that current colonial look, then they can highlight the lines in the floor to visually expand the size of each board. There are two options: one, rip out the floor and start all over, or two, shine and restore the flooring to what the client desires. Again, custom colors and sealers are used to provide that focus of uniqueness and sense of specialness. When asked about her preference of engineered to hardwood, she said that she likes engineered more. Engineered floors are a lot easier to repair or replace, so for families that are harder on ] flooring, engineered is a better option. Also, with engineered floors, there is more variety, variation, and visual interest. From a design and practicality standpoint, engineered is the better option.
8The furniture at The Porch is very traditional and impressive. Neutral tones and woods are the main focus for decor around the place, with accents of green plants for added beauty. The simple yet detailed design allows for comfort and functionality with a “rustic sophistication,” as I would call it. I absolutely love the chairs and blankets that are spread throughout the store. A lot of the furniture pieces have raised relief designs and range from simplistic to very detailed. If you have furniture that you would like to be redone or improved, then Nettie can take care of that for you as well! Layered hand painting is another thing that can be added to furniture to make it look more current. Either way, the redone furniture and showroom pieces are one-of-a-kind and sure to impress!

In addition to all of the services and furniture that Nettie White Interiors and The Porch offer, they also have tons of cool decorative pieces to place around your furniture/piece of art. There are all types of candles, mini plants, vases, and picture frames to accompany the design and pull everything together. All of the items are also picked by Nettie and her designers. There is even a small section where they have women’s clothing, purses, and hats for sale.

The designers and tenants at The Porch offer a unique variety of products and services. Nettie wanted to make sure that they got special recognition for all of the hard and amazing work that they do. Here are some short biographies on the team that helps make it all happen.

Felicia Cox and Dee Hencken
Dee Hencken and Felicia Cox, formerly known as Ooh LaLa Home Furnishings, have been designing beautiful rooms together throughout the homes of St. Louis for over 25 years. Their talent for buying and merchandising will now be seen at The Porch in Wildwood.

Dee and Felicia continue to offer their unique in-home service. Within days of the initial consultation the design team will return to recreate the space. Decorative items will be selected to enhance the client’s personal vision while incorporating the client’s personal inventory into the space. In recent years, Christmas decorating has been added to their list of specialties.

Express Blinds & Draperies has been a part of their business since 1987, specializing in Hunter Douglas quality products and custom draperies. Please call for an in-home consultation. They look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones at The Porch in Wildwood.

Jennifer Prozorowski – Christopher Kane
When I joined The Porch family two years ago, I was able to realize my dream of owning my own business. Christopher Kane Interiors (Christopher and Kane are my twin boys middle names) allows me to combine two of my favorite things shopping and design! I tell people all the time if you love something—buy it. You’ll find a place for it. Whether it’s a complete room redo or that one final accessory, I love helping turn a house into a home.

Robin Parkin – Romaci Collections
I have been an accessories buyer for over five years now. My first passion is jewelry, no catalog sales, just pieces hand-picked by me. It amazes me how many people in the St Louis area are wearing a piece that has been bought through me. I have added clothing and purses and small accessories in the past couple years. I tend to like the clothing from the coasts. I do not see it often here in town, and I really like the vibe. I try to find the best pieces—at really good price points— and I believe that is why the merchandise moves quickly. My friends are my best critics, and I know that when I am called for sneak peeks, I have done my job!

Ellie Redders Interiors
A certified interior designer, Ellie loves sharing her eye for design with clients and helping them transform their houses into dream homes. She strives to create rooms that are comfortable and welcoming with a cohesive feel and function that’s best for the family.

Clients feel comfortable working with Ellie because she takes the time to get to know them and their style and includes them in the creative process every step of the way. She says it’s not her job to change their style but to make their home the best space it can be. This requires an open mind, good communication, and trust.

As for her own style, Ellie tends to gravitate toward a classic style with unique, eclectic touches. She has a good eye for combining different materials, textures and patterns, and an impressive ability to seamlessly incorporate interesting accent pieces into her design. First and foremost, she wants her home to be comfortable and serene.

Melody Murray – Take Me Back Skincare
Melody is a Master Esthetician and Image and Appearance Consultant, with over 30 years in the beauty industry. As a woman’s advocate, she is passionate about women realizing their worth. Melody owned and operated the first day spa in Sarasota, FL, which operated for 20 years until she moved to Missouri. After recognizing a void in skincare offerings in the St. Louis area, she felt called to offer her extremely popular, unique, and effective anti-aging approach to all the ladies in St. Lou! The Porch in Wildwood is the perfect space for Take Me Back Skincare’s techniques and treatments, which bridges the gap between your esthetician and your physician.

She is currently writing a book, titled “The 10 things you need to know before considering Cosmetic Surgery,” as well as creating an online postgraduate course for estheticians. Melody lives in Wildwood with husband Tim and her precious Aussie, Vina.

Give The Porch a visit and see all of the amazing work that Nettie and these designers do. She truly enjoys what she does and does an exceptional job! I used the best of my words and pictures to show you, but to see how impressive their work truly is, you just have to see it in person. One thing is for sure: you will not be disappointed!