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Buying and Selling Edition 6

3D Photography & Modeling: How it’s changing the Real Estate Business

1Like many business markets, it’s always about the next big thing.  Techniques and practices build on top of one another to create not only the newest, but also the best in real estate.  One of the newest trends in today’s market for advertising homes is the use of online 3-D models, otherwise known as “dollhouse” models.  RE/MAX EDGE is on the forefront of using this technology in the St. Louis area.

How does the 3-D model work?
With a special camera, users are able to capture data about every detail of a home, which is then used to create a 3-D model.  The camera sits on a tripod and slowly spins while it captures the information needed to create a high-quality model of the space using room dimension, colors, contours of the area, and relationships between objects.  When the laser-based camera is finished and the information compiled, you’ve got a composite 3-D model of each room and each floor of a home, all working together to create an amazing, life-like view of the entire home.
2You can post the model online for anyone to use.  In “Dollhouse” view, you can see the entire home like you’re, quite literally, looking into a dollhouse. By clicking on rooms, traveling from floor to floor, and using your arrow keys to navigate, you can drop yourself right into a home and take your very own walkthrough.  Imagine using Google Street View, but instead of traveling down the road, you can walk right through a seller’s living room. It’s the coolest thing.

Why is The Rick & Tracy Ellis Team using the technology?
The Rick & Tracy Ellis Team is using the 3-D models to sell homes quicker and to give buyers a whole new way to look at homes online.  Imagine sitting at your computer doing an online walkthrough of a home you’d like to see, but aren’t quite sure it’s the right fit. Not only do you get to see the house without changing out of your slippers, you can also get a good feel for the layout of the home and actual room size.  That’s a feature we can offer you.

The ability to use this technology is just one of the reasons RE/MAX EDGE is a step ahead of the rest, and The Rick & Tracy Ellis Team has this technology right at their fingertips.  By using it, they’re able to market your home in the best way possible, which means selling it faster.  This technology is flashy and innovative, and buyers are going to be drawn to it.  The Rick & Tracy Ellis team is then able to sell more homes, save time, and be on the forefront of technology in the industry.

What are the benefits for the homeowner?
If you’ve ever sold a home, you know how exhausting it can be to host a showing.  It’s next to impossible to keep a home on the market spotless.  Most homeowners know about the panic of a last-minute showing and the quick cleaning frenzy that follows.  Not only that, but sellers usually leave their homes during a showing, and that can be such an enormous pain.

Online 3-D models have the potential to reduce the number of in-home showings.  That means less cleaning, less leaving, and less worry.  Since buyers would be able to take a virtual walkthrough of the home that’s almost like walking through it in person, they’ll be able to rule out more homes without wasting a seller’s time.  That’s a win, win!

What are the benefits for buyers?
Most buyers today shop around online before ever looking at anything in person.  By seeing a 3-D model, they’ll have a better idea of whether or not the house is a good fit.  The Rick & Tracy Ellis Team work with a lot of buyers who are relocating from other states.  They also work with many international buyers.  By using 3-D modeling, buyers who can’t make it to a showing are able to take a virtual walkthrough.  Walkthroughs get these particular buyers as close to stepping foot in the house as possible without having to spend a lot of money on travel.  In these scenarios, out of town buyers don’t have to rely on pictures alone to help them decide if the house is a good fit.  For more information about having your home 3-D photographed, contact a member of The Rick & Tracy Ellis Team at 636-299-3702.