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Health & Wellness with Dr. Eric Nepute

Health and wellness. What does that phrase mean to you? We see it splashed across newspapers, magazines, and all over TV commercials.  Restaurants and gyms across America cater to a variety of wellness paths from raw food and gluten free diets to extreme CrossFit and more laid back yoga and meditation style workouts.  It’s a hot topic, that’s for sure, but for Dr. Eric Nepute, health and wellness is much more than trends and fads in the media—it’s a calling and a way of life.tracy-ellis-issue-6-web
Dr. Nepute describes himself as a motivator, author, international speaker, as well as a husband and a father, but he believes most of all that he’s a teacher.

“I’m a lot of things, but I’m very humbled in who I am and what I do,” said Nepute.
See, in Latin, doctor translates to teacher or educator, and it’s Dr. Nepute’s life mission to use his God-given talents at communication and healthcare to share his natural approach to wellness with his patients.

After a football accident in College, Dr. Nepute was unable to move the entire right side of his body.  Doctors said he may never walk on his own again, let alone play sports.  As a young student accepted to Northwestern University’s medical school and dreams of becoming an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Nepute’s life took a drastic turn.

Luckily, Dr. Mark Wade, a local chiropractor in his small hometown in Illinois, was able to give Dr. Nepute his life back within a few short weeks.  During his time with Dr. Wade, he saw miracle after miracle performed in the office, and from then on, his path was set.
He attended Logan College of Chiropractic and has since helped countless people find the imbalances in their bodies to help relieve and prevent pain, manage stress, and cure disease. He believes the nautral approach is the normal approach.  Of course, medicine has its place in the world, but the body really needs no interference.  With meditation, a positive attitude, a nutritious diet, and chiropractic adjustments to help balance the brain and neural immune system, anyone can live a happy, healthy, and productive life.
His education in sports medicine, nutrition, internal health, and anti-again enables him to help people of all ages.  Nepute Wellness Center, located in St. Louis, Missoui, is a true family practice dedicated to managing the underlying cause of disease—stress.  The team at Nepute Health and Wellness strives to help each one of their patients live the most abundant life possible.

2016 holds big progress for Nepute Wellness Center.  Their current office in St. Louis has a new brain center to help patients manage their neurological stress through balancing brain waves.  This state of the art, cutting edge treatment facility will help manage stress and reprogram the brain for addiction, chronic pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and much more.  It’s the only treatment center of its kind in the entire Midwest. Dr. Nepute will also be opening new offices in Weldon Springs and Creve Coeur, Missouri.

His passion for healing and helping the body to tap into its own natural ability to heal is inspiring.  He’s already helped so many lives with his practice, including members of the Rick & Tracy Ellis Team.  If you’re interested in a natural approach to wellness, visit for more information about Dr. Eric Nepute or the Nepute Wellness Center, and be sure to tune into Wellness Matters every Sunday at 3:00 pm on FM NewsTalk 97.1.