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Window Watch 2016 by Sandra Harms, Home Decor Contributor

There is wonder in Windows for 2016.  It is time to ditch drab Window Treatments and replace them with bold colors, the latest fabric trends and the most innovative technology.  Yes I said Technology!!  So draw your drapes, pull up a chair and prepare yourself my forecast of what’s trending in window treatments for 2016.

Topping the list is Motorization: Imagine a world where your window treatments can anticipate you’re every need and adjust automatically creating the perfect room ambiance morning noon and night.  These modern shades are affordable, convenient, and energy efficient.  The selection of fabrics, colors, textures and applications are endless.
Next in my designer bag of goodies is color.  Fabrics and paint colors in rich jewel tones are what’s hot.  From deep reds to subtle blues, jewel tones create an atmosphere that is sophisticated and luxurious.  Look for pink to make an appearance this season.

Sheer Magic: One trend that has always been in style is using window treatments that allow a lot of natural sunlight into the space.  Simple sheer panels add warmth to a room by allowing light to filter in.  Gone are the days of basic whites and cream sheers.  Today sheers are available in fabulous colors, fabrics and applications.

Natural Elements: Organic materials are bringing the outdoors in.  It is all about nature inspired and eco friendly materials in 2016.  Look for Bamboo, Matchstick Blinds and Natural Woven Shades.  The options are endless.  Consider Layering Linen Panels or Sheers over a Woven Wood Roller shade to create an earthy look that is absolutely stunning.

Lovely Layers: Another big trend in window treatments for 2016 is to layer shades and or alternate them.  Imagine a room with large windows where a blackout shade is installed with a sheer panel in front or choose a duel shade for ambience and functionality.  For fun twist alternate opacities.

Metal and Metallic’s: Metallic surfaces are back and stronger than ever.  Gold, Silver and Bronze Fabrics and hard materials are making a grand reappearance.  Consider layering sheers over metal shades in a bedroom or living room over the top look.  Simple panels with metallic grommets are sleek option that can be incorporated into any décor.  Choose metal curtain rods over wood this year.

Big, Bright and Bold: Fun creative patterns are on top of the list for 2016.  It is easy to create both a contemporary and transitional windows with large geometric patterned draperies.  Don’t forget to layer-layer-layer.

Bye Bye Beige: No more status quo. Beiges, tans and warm gold’s are gone girl.  All shades of grey Charcoal and slate are the NEW Neutral.  These colors create a simple canvas on which you can create unlimited clean, calming yet sophisticated looks.

Easy Breezy: Window Treatments aren’t just for the interior of your home.  Try hanging Curtains outside to create a cozy outdoor living space.  Choose soft airy fabrics for serene surroundings.  Choose retractable shades to deflect the sunlight.  Outdoors window treatments are top notch this year.

Trim time: Embellish window treatments with decorative Fringe, tassels, glass beads and contrasting tape.  All are available in many style, colors and sizes. Buttons and Shells are trending for 2016.  Let’s think old school!  Classic Monograms and embroidered window treatments are huge this season.

Let’s meet 2016 head on!  Embrace these easily incorporated trends into your home for the upcoming year.  Be the first to update and add class, elegance and sophistication to your living space.  Let us help!  House in Style is your one stop shop for the latest in Window Treatments and Interior Design trends.

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