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Welcome Asher Benrubi, The New Director of Communications & Marketing

The Tracy & Rick Ellis Team is extremely excited to welcome Asher Benrubi as the new Director of Communications and Marketing.  Perhaps better known as Smash, the radio personality, Asher Benrubi is both a national and local celebrity who just happens to have a great mind for business and marketing.

Over his career in the radio and music business, he’s learned what works in advertising from a hands-on perspective, which makes his knowledge invaluable to the team.  His jump to real estate may seem like a stretch, but with his level of passion and commitment, along with his willingness to go where life takes him, it’s anything but.

At the age of two, Benrubi moved to America from Greece in 1951, where he grew up with his family in Indianapolis, Indiana.  He was “bit by the rock bug” in high school, and what do you do when the lightning strikes?  You form a band, of course. They called themselves Frenchie and the Oui-Ouis, and he’s been in a band ever since, giving himself over to a lifetime of rock ‘n’ roll.

Benrubi graduated with a degree in political science from Indiana University and only lasted one year teaching at Bloomington North High School before deciding to scratch his musician’s itch.  He couldn’t ignore the incessant pull towards music any longer headed out on tour. Roadmaster was the band, the Midwest their audience.

He was making about 50 bucks a week when a local radio station had him on as a guest DJ on WNAP, and the next Tuesday, they offered him a job.  With the promise of extra cash, the door to Smash’s first radio gig swung open.  Eventually, he found himself in Washington D.C. at DC-101, and his radio career rolls on from there.

From local celebrity guest DJ to MTV video jock, Asher was blessed time and again.  In 1987, he lived in New York City during the week working for MTV where he interviewed Guns ‘n’ Roses in one of the top 40 greatest moments in MTV history, according to Rolling

Stone Magazine. On the weekends, he stayed involved with his band, Smash Band, in D.C.
Locals in St. Louis know him from his time at KSHE 95, “Real Rock Radio.” His time with MTV and DC-101 had to come to an end sometime, and St. Louis was lucky enough to be chosen as Smash’s next stop.  The Smash has since had a successful 30-year career in radio and TV in St. Louis.

So how did he get involved with The Rick & Tracy Ellis Team?  In 1993, Asher left KSHE and decided to dip a toe into the real estate business.  He spent a few years with Coldwell Banker Gundaker and after his 30 years in radio, he’s decided to spend his next 30 years in the real estate business.  Marketing is such a huge part of real estate. It’s imperative that you get yourself out there and make your name known.  Rather than call potential clients on their own, Rick and Tracy wondered what it would be like if people answered the phone and heard the Smash on the other line.

“It’s cool because I’ll call people, and they’ll recognize my voice,” said Smash. “They’ll call my name before I even introduce myself.”

Asher will be in charge of telemarketing, but that’s just the start.  With his experience,
he has plans to elevate The Tracy Ellis Show, implement new marketing strategies with video and audio elements, and start a program called “Cool Smash Cribs.”   The Rick & Tracy Ellis Team plan on selling houses like they’ve always done but better than ever before.  Smash is on their side, and they’re equipped with even more new ways to market your home, and sell it fast. With that being said—have no fear.  The Smash is still into rock ‘n’ roll, and you can still see him play with Smash Band St. Louis from time-to-time.  For more information on how to get your home on the market and advertised with The Rick & Tracy Ellis Team, contact Asher direct at 636-515-1621 or Rick at 636-699-2197.