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Coming to You Live from RE/MAX Edge Studio

RE/MAX EDGE has been on the cutting edge of technology in real estate for quite some time, and now Mark Cooper, the agency’s broker, has taken that technological prowess to the next level.  By adding an on-site recording studio for audio and video, RE/MAX EDGE agents have yet another opportunity to set themselves above their competition.

“I don’t believe you’re going to find another real estate office that has it’s own recording studio,” said Mark.

His reason for the addition?  To enhance the capabilities agents in his offices, have by enabling them obtain more listings and sell them quicker.  By having the newest, most innovative tools for marketing and promotion at their fingertips, RE/MAX EDGE agents have the ability to shorten sales time, reach more potential buyers and sellers, and ultimately, make their jobs a little easier.

EDGE Studios, located in the Chesterfield office at 699 Trade Center Boulevard, is equipped with professional grade microphones, mixing boards, cameras, different background screens—everything a broadcast studio would provide to create quality, high-end content.  This technology allows agents to record voiceovers for virtual walkthrough, film video blogs, create their own podcasts, or anything else you can create with audio and video equipment, without having to pay a steep rate for studio time.
The in-office studio will also allow agents like Tracy Ellis to save invaluable time.  Rather than spending hours traveling downtown, Tracy is now able to walk down the hall and tape her radio show.  It saves her hours of time every week to do more business or spend more time with her family.

One of the coolest aspects of new studio involves 3D Imaging.  A huge percentage of today’s buyers are online, and it’s not uncommon for many buyers to find a house they like before ever setting foot into an agency or open house.  This technology allows homeowners to put their homes online in a virtual tour that’s unlike anything else in the industry.  It provides the seller an Open House 24 hrs. a day 7 days a week, without having to straighten up the house for every showing.

Mark takes great pride in providing the latest technology and comforts (like the fountain soda machines in each office) for agents in his offices and their customers.  It’s all about enhancing the lives of the people he works with, and of course, getting the chance to play with industry-changing gadgets and programs.

“I want to be able to provide services to my agents that enhance their business as well as attract new agents,” said Mark.“  We’re setting the pace for the rest of the market.”

2Utilizing the latest technology to take the highest quality photos of their listings, and 3D image technology, has created a huge advantage for RE/MAX EDGE agents.  The new EDGE Studios has already seen great use and is sure to change the way agents do business throughout the area.  Tune into the Tracy Ellis Show on FM NewsTalk 97.1 Sundays at 10am and on Saturday mornings at 9am on 1260 AM The Answer.