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11 Easy Updates to Enhance Your Home

Most of us don’t have time to finish the laundry, let alone take on a fixer-upper.  If you’ve been feeling uninspired by your current home décor, you don’t have to take on a full-scale home renovation to bring life back into a tired space.  With any one of these simple updates, you’ll be able to make a noticeable difference in your home in no time.
Refresh your wall paint
When you’ve grown tired of your living space, sometimes all it takes is a new paint-job to help you fall in love with your home again.  Check out your local home improvement or paint store to find your perfect colors.  Many paint brands have made it easy to find color schemes that complement each other perfectly, making it easy to plan accent walls and different pops of color without much fuss.
2For more paint ideas, go through a few display homes.  New developments work with designers to create current, trendy styles.  It’s a great way to see what colors are popular. Plus, you’ll probably get a few decorating and furniture ideas as a bonus!
Don’t have the time to do all of the work yourself?
Hiring a professional painter is simple and not as expensive as you might think.  For a more personal touch, contact Alvin Meyers.  He’s a local painter who has done work for professional sports players as well as restoring Victorian homes, and much more.  With his special techniques and designs, you’re sure to get the fresh look you’ve been looking for.

3New lighting
Light fixtures can play a huge part in updating any room in your home.  Whether your overall look is rustic, modern, traditional, or formal—you name it, there’s a light fixture out there that can really pull a style together.  Look for nature-inspired fixtures with organic shapes and colors to soften up sleek, modern spaces.  Try an industrial-style fixture with alternative metals to add another level to a rustic space.  There are countless options to choose from, which means there’s no excuse to settle.

4Update faucets and sinks
Just like lighting, faucets are an easy fix.  All it takes is a quick install to give your bathrooms and kitchen an entirely new feel.  If you don’t plan on doing a full-scale renovation, you’ll have to stick with styles that fit the space as it is, which could limit your options a bit.  On the plus side, updating old faucets to something more up-to-date might be all you need!  Coupling your new faucets with an entirely new sink is also a great option.  Apron sinks are popular for a rustic/country look, but have you ever heard of a bamboo apron sink?  It’s super unique and can fit into a number of kitchen designs.  It just goes to show that with a little research, you can find that one small update you’ll be really happy with.

Liven-up your entertainment space
Set up a comfy couch in front of a large television, and you’ve pretty much got all you need to have a functioning entertainment room, but what’s the fun in that?  By adding a little flair, you’ll be able to make this your favorite room in the house.  Add shelving and storage to display your books, movies, and family photos.  Install a retro light fixture for an ultra cool vibe, or turn it into an in-home theater with blackout curtains, soundproof doors, and a projector screen.

If you enjoy watching sports and throwing parties for big games, that’s another time the projector will come in really handy.  It’s such a cool way to make yours the go-to house for everything sports.  Look into artist Steven Walden for some truly unique pieces, portraying everything from sports players to superheroes, and add some color and pizazz to your media space.

6Paint your kitchen cabinets
Cabinets are a stand out feature in the kitchen, and with just a little paint, you can change the entire atmosphere. Brighten up the space with crisp, white cabinets, or go for a more modern feel with grey.  Whatever your style, there’s a color out there to match.

For a more distinct look, check out Nettie White with Nettie White Interiors.  With just one look at her spectacular finishes, you’ll be ready for Nettie to work her magic.

Outdoor updates

A deck or patio area with ample seating and a fun, lively vibe can really set the tone for those warm summer nights and bonfires in the fall.  Update your seat cushions with fun patterns and throw pillows, or try adding some shade with a canopy or pergola.  Don’t be afraid to peruse your local home improvement store to find some really fun ideas from built-in fire pits to outdoor lighting.

Make your doors pop
Whether you’re looking to update your existing door or replace it entirely, changing up your front door can be a great way to give your house a facelift.  Use paint to add a pop of color with a deep red or blue, or try something a bit more playful.  Whatever you choose, be sure the color compliments your existing features and creates that fresh look you’re searching for.

Looking to take it a step further?  Update your garage door!  Believe it or not, garage doors can make a huge difference on your home’s curb appeal.  From metal to barn-style doors, the options are endless.  For all of your garage door needs, be sure to contact Anco Overhead Door.  They can help with anything from simple maintenance to upgrades.  With fast, reliable service—they’re Rick & Tracy Ellis Team approved!

Donate dated décor
It’s so easy to hang onto things for sentimental value or for the possibility of using it in the future, but outdated decor can throw off any design.  Take a moment to really think about your style.  With every decoration, mirror, piece of wall art, etc., really think about whether or not it truly compliments the style of the room it’s in.  If there’s no other place for it, then it’s time to donate.  By donating the old, you can make room for the new.  Sometimes a new vase for your mantel or new wall hangings can make a huge difference in a space, especially when they’re not competing with older décor.

Say goodbye to generic window treatments
It’s beyond time to get rid of your simple, one to two inch blinds.  There are so many window treatment options to choose from, making it easy to find what best fits your home and your style.  If you really want to stand out, wood or vinyl plantation shutters are a trendy option that are sure to add a lot of personality to any space.

Looking for a great place to buy? Check out The Blind Broker.  It’s a great place to go for plenty of styles and great customer service.  Plus, they can create some really cool personalized shades for the kids’ rooms!

Make one simple furniture change
Buying new furniture for a room can be time consuming, but who says it has to be all or nothing?  By simply removing a piece of furniture from a room, you can open up a number of new furniture arrangements you may not have thought of before.  If you’ve created a hole in your layout, adding a small table or decorative chair will give you just enough change without spending countless hours hopping from store to store trying to find the best look.

Add extra comfort to your master bedroom
Some homeowners view the master bedroom as nothing more than a place to rest your head, but have you ever thought it could be the one place in your house you might find a bit of peace during the daylight hours?  Create a cozy corner in your master with a lamp, bookshelf, table, and chair.  It’ll add something new and special to the space that you’ll actually use! For an even more dramatic change, think about adding in a platform and elegant lighting to really separate the space and make it all your own.