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Health & Wellness with Dr. Eric Nepute

1You can have health, and you can have it more abundantly.  The problem is that most of you don’t even really know what health is.”  These are the words of health and wellness expert Dr. Eric Nepute to a room packed with hundreds of people looking for answers at the brand new LifeXist office in Creve Coeur, MO. ‘Can I have more energy?  Can I feel better and look better?
Can I get off my medications?  Can I live a life of health?’  You’ve probably listened to Dr. Nepute on the radio, seen him on TV, or heard about the way he has been changing the lives of countless people across the US for the last decade.  And now, Dr. Nepute is making an even greater impact on our nation’s health with the all-new LifeXist.

2“We created LifeXist out of frustration.  Because there is a necessity for the answers that we can give to people.” Dr. Nepute explained, “This is true health, getting people to look younger, feel younger, have more energy,but it is also about finding the cause of health problems and treating it.”  Dr. Nepute teaches people that there is a difference between feeling healthy and functioning with health.

The American Medical Association acknowledges that stress – a problem of the brain – is the number one killer of men and women in the world.  Dr. Eric Nepute asks the question “When was the last time a medical doctor examined your brain?  Why don’t they do it? The answer is that they don’t know how.  We do.” Best known for founding the highly successful Nepute Wellness Center of St. Louis, MO, Dr. Eric Nepute is passionate about helping people change their lives by finding true health and uncovering the cause of their health issues.  Now, Dr. Nepute has introduced a new way to help those in need of health solutions as a Co-Founder of LifeXist, a center for health and well-being that solves health problems through cutting-edge care.  At LifeXist, patients discover the underlying cause of their health symptoms and work with health professionals to develop a plan for care.  Every patient is treated as an individual, with a carefully balanced approach to finding their health.  LifeXist utilizes advanced hormone therapies, vitamin infusion, and modern neurofeedback technologies that are already helping thousands of people across the US achieve a level of health that breaks all conventional medical expectations.

Dr. Nepute’s passion for helping people achieve true health has led to a revolution in healthcare, and now through his association with LifeXist, Dr. Eric Nepute hopes that the message of whole-body wellness will transform the lives of many more Americans.   “What do we do at LifeXist? We help people find their health. That’s what we do at LifeXist.  We see men and women of all backgrounds,
and we help them find the imbalance in their health that is causing their problems.  And then we solve those problems.”

If you want to discover your true health potential, feel and look younger, have more energy, function better, and transform your life, you can join Dr. Eric Nepute at his next LifeXist seminar.  Learn directly from Dr. Eric Nepute how a radical transformation to your health could change the quality and length of your life. To learn more, go to