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Questions & Answers With Sandy Miller

Sandy Miller is the primary anchor for Fox 2 News at 6 and 10 p.m.  She joined Fox 2 in October, 2002.  Before joining the FOX team, Sandy co-anchored the 9 p.m. news at KPLR-TV for several years.  In addition to news media, Sandy has spent over 15 years in corporate television working for Anheuser-Busch, Edward Jones and Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

Sandy grew up at the Lake of the Ozarks and graduated from Missouri State University with a degree in Electronic Media.  She worked as an intern at KOLR-TV while in Springfield before moving to St. Louis.

Sandy is a former Miss Missouri and placed 3rd runner-up in the national Miss USA Pageant.

She loves volunteering for many community organizations including the Heartland Humane Society, Making Strides for Breast Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and many more.

Do you think growing up at The Lake of The Ozarks is one of the reasons you love the outdoors so much?
Absolutely! We spent practically every daylight hour outdoors! I spent most of my time growing up riding horses, swimming in the lake and riding my bike.  It was the best! We didn’t have a lot of money so our vacations consisted of floating (my favorite now is the Meramec, Courtois and Huzzah. Growing up I loved the Current, Niangua and Jacks Fork)

How did you get started in beauty pageants?
That’s a funny story after answering the first question.   I was always outdoors, shooting and fishing with my dad. My mom thought beauty pageants would help make a “girl” out of me and put and end to the Tomboy nonsense.  I ended up winning Miss Missouri United Teenager and got to travel to L.A., DC, NY, Hawaii and even the Bahamas.  For a country girl who had never been out of the Ozarks, it was an amazing experience and I fell in love with traveling.  My mom entered me in the Miss Missouri USA Pageant a few years later.

What made you decide to go into Journalism? Was it hard to get started?
Journalism seemed like a natural for me since loved speech and theatre in school and participated in all the school plays.  I loved to write stories and felt comfortable speaking in public (plus, I stink at math!).  I remember when I was in the Miss USA Pageant, Bob Barker asked me to «take us to a commercial break» as part of my on stage interview.  I think that’s the most nervous I’ve ever been in my life!

How are you able to stay so professional and not show emotion during the difficult stories?
It’s so hard!  I wear my heart on my sleeve and to tell the truth I probably don’t do a good job of not showing emotion.  I remember the Oklahoma City bombing and we were showing a story of a woman who lost her two little boys in the explosion.  My boys were the same age and I barely got through the story. It’s the negative stories that involve children and animals that really get to me!   It’s sad that people can be so cruel.

What is your favorite Holiday?
Christmas!! My nickname is Sandy Claus!!  (I even have a robe with that embroidered on it).  Christmas is a time when people are kinder, gentler and more giving and I just love that.  I also love the church service and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and continuing the celebration at home with great food and family.  Then waking up Christmas morning to coffee, Christmas movies and presents. (I still believe in Santa!)

How do manage being a wife, mother and having a career?
Don’t sleep!  Seriously, my husband, Matt, is so amazing and supportive and was always there for the boys when I couldn’t be.  Also, even though I don’t get to bed until after 1 a.m. I would get up every morning at 5:30 a.m. to get the boys a hot breakfast and talk to them about their day.  Since I work evenings, it was the only opportunity to see them during the week.  So, I feel like I didn’t sleep for over a decade when they were in middle and high school.  They’re both great kids, so I guess I did okay.

What would you say is your design style in your home?
Less is more!  My decorating style is very simple with clean lines, minimalist that leans contemporary.  My grandma and mom both collected everything from Depression glass, to dolls, to elephant figurines, the list goes on and on and they had knick-knacks everywhere! I’m the total opposite.  (Maybe it’s from having to dust all that stuff as a kid).

Sandy’s Spotlight shines on St. Louis. Sandy will focus on beneficial businesses, promising products, super services and interesting individuals.