Tracy Ellis

Real Estate Magazine

Edition 5 Top Trends

Designing Your Closet Space

1Since walk-ins are larger, as large as another entire bedroom.  They create a design and storage opportunity by allowing the space to highlight and maximize shoes, purses, and hang with bringing emphasis on these by lighting each space with LED lighting and glass shelving.  Along with custom drawer, canvas pull out bins are they new alternative to wire baskets that can sometimes leave lines on your favorite clothing.










Choosing the right finish defines your space and your home, whether you opt for
light or dark, wood-grained or solid.  This can be accomplished by mixing two to three
in the same space.  California Closets’ sliding doors are modern, up-to-date, and incredibly stylish.  In fact, they’re more often an ideal solution for closets than a standard hinged door.  Creating visual texture and depth in a room is an easy task with sliding doors.

3Simply put, wardrobes can create a closet where there wasn’t one before.  Whereas traditional closets are cut into the wall, a wardrobe from California Closets is a finished piece, or series of pieces, installing along the wall.  An armorer or wardrobe organizing system creates a feeling of open space and keeps things tidy behind closed doors that are beautifully designed with Italian designer glass and heavy textured material.

4Reach  in closets require creative thinking, but you can be sure California Closets has the custom closet solutions, expertise  and accessories to help maximize the store of your limited space.  Our Ecoresin panels can be used in myriad ways: Use them as a dramatic accent on drawer or door fronts and decorative back panels. Ecoresin is made from a specially formulated co-polyester resin that’s as environmentally responsible as it is beautiful and durable.  Virtuoso is an excellent solution for those who like to display their favorite objects d’art or 5who appreciate and elegant, built in profile.  With strong horizontal Lines, rich finishes , and a
lack of vertical partitions, Virtuoso makes a dramatic and sophisticated statement in closets with the custom storage functionality.



6The appearance of your accessories is a flexible as their arrangement: hardware can look as traditional or modern as you like incorporating natural materials like leather and glass.