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1Top Hardwood Flooring Trends
When I’m showing luxury properties to buyers, floor choices always come into play. There are so many different styles to choose from, and on top of style, you also have to consider possible wear and tear . choosing the right flooring can really make your rooms and decor pop, but the wrong choice can send buyers away in a fright. Here are a few of my favorite hardwood flooring trends for 2015 to help buyers fall in love, feet first.

The Darker the Better
In  2015, dark hardwood is more popular than ever. The darker the wood, the better the look.  Shades that are black are almost black are super contemporary, and they really make a statement.  You’d be hard pressed to find someone who wouldn’t walk into a room and immediately notice the beautiful contrast dark floors can make with bright walls.

Sleek and Contemporary
2If you’re really looking for something of-the-moment, switch the dark colors to the walls and brighten up your floor space with a beautiful shade of gray.  Grey hardwood a subtle type of wow factor, and  neutrals are always in, but be careful.  This flooring choice might be a little too contemporary for more conservative buyers.

Coastal Vibes
In Missouri, we’re always looking for a way to get closer to the beach.  With white washed hardwood, that dream can manifest right in your living room.  Sure, you might be missing the waves and the beach, but at the very least, you can let those resort vibes wash all over you.  It’s fresh, it’s modern, and incredibly relaxing.

Sometimes Bigger Really is Better
One of my very favorite trends are wide plank hardwood floors.  The color choices are endless.  Stay traditional with light to medium traditional hardwood shades, or shake it up with the more modern grey color I mentioned earlier.  It’s one small change to traditional hardwood that adds depth and style to any room.

Tropical Paradise
Again , we gravitate towards the beach with bamboo flooring.Bamboo is practical and simple.  It can be dressed up with modern furniture,or made to be a little bit more free-spirited with tropical decor.

Rustic Feel
The trend towards rustic is growing strong as ever.  The natural look and feel of reclaimed wood help bring a little of the peace of the outdoors right into your home.  By showing the natural imperfections of the wood, reclaimed wood (or even machine stressed wood) has a really homey, comfortable feel that’s perfect for getting cozy by the fire or enjoying a rainy day indoors.

Laundry Room Must Haves
In my  opinion, there’s no laundry room too big or too tricked out.  Sometimes it feels like I need a completely separate house for my laundry room alone, but instead of taking things to the extreme, here are a few ideas to help make your time in the laundry room a bit easier.

Utility Sink
If you’re  laundry room doesn’t have a utility sink, I’d say it’s time for a little renovation!  Not only is it a great place to wash up after working outside, it’s the perfect place to soak solid garments.  With an addition like a farm sink, you might even be able to get away with giving a small dog a bath!

Task Lighting
Lighting in small spaces is a huge trend this year, especially in laundry rooms.  Sometimes, one overhead light isn’t enough to brighten the space, and no one wants to feel like they’re doing laundry in a cave.  Add a few under-cabinet lights, an extra lamp, or even a window to give your working space a pick-me-up.

Custom Cabinetry
Today’s cabinetry options are endless.  Not only are cabinets great for storing away detergent and other cleaning supplies, they’re perfect for helping to organize clutter.  Shoes, towels, backpacks–you name it.  Open cabinets can also be a great decorating opportunity.  One of my very favorite ideas?  Installing a pull-out hamper.  Need I say more?

Work Counter
When I’m doing laundry, it seems like there’s never enough room.  Having a work counter can give you a bit of extra space most of us need in the laundry room.  Fold clothes, store supplies, and help alleviate the cramped-laundry-room blues.