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Top Luxury Appliances

The kitchen is a home’s heart.  It’s where everyone comes together and where some of the best memories are made.  Most of us do spend quite a lot of time in the kitchen,
which means having appliances with the best style and performance available are a definite must.  Especially in luxury homes, designer kitchen should never have to sacrifice one for the are a few items a luxury kitchen simply can’t go without.

Here are six stylish and efficient luxury kitchen must-have appliance to keep your kitchen running at peak performance keep your kitchen running at peak performance.

Sub-Zero Refrigerators

2When talking refrigeration, Sub-Zero is one of the most versatile luxury refrigerator lines available.  They’ve been working to perfect the art of freshness for almost 70 years, and when freshness pairs with impeccable design, you’re certain to find a refrigeration system that fits your style.  From built-ins to models that take a backseat in your kitchen’s decor Sub-Zero’s got it all figured out, always keeping luxury at fore front.

French-Door Wall Ovens

I’m especially in love with 2015’s newest trend in kitchen must haves— the French-door wall oven.  If you’ve got the space to incorporate one of these incredible appliances in your kitchen, then you’re one of the lucky ones.  They’re stunning, sleek, and definitely a stand-out piece  for any kitchen.  On top of their French kitchen style, a la Julia Child,
they’re also known to be a little safer than conventional ovens. you can get much closer to the front, and there’s no need to sacrifice yours arms to a fiery oven just for the sake of pie.

Thermador Dishwashers

After a load of dishes is finished, no one wants to have to repeat the process over by hand.  Thermador dishwashers use some seriously hot water and high water pressure to get the job done the first time.  Their line of dishwashers has both custom panel and stainless steel styles, with great features like a chef’s tool drawer and a large capacity for wine glasses, talk about luxury.

Thermador Induction Cooktops

Thermador induction cooktops provide unmatched flexibility and responsiveness in the kitchen.  They have an ultra-modern design built for quality and made to last. Induction cooktops are super powerful and have the ability to heat up to 50% faster than the standard gas cooktop.  If you’ve got little kids in the house, this is the cooktop for you.  This cooktop actually stays cool to the touch, preventing burns and making cooking for much safer for you and your little ones.  Thermador’s newest induction cooktop gives cooks the flexibility to use up to four pots or pans anywhere on its surface, hence the name The Freedom Induction Cooktop.

Wolf Range

If your dream kitchen involves the best of the best gourmet appliances, there’s no substitute for a Wolf range.  They’re not your traditional stoves, so having a little culinary prowess to operate these professional style appliances is a good thing if you’re thinking of adding one of these bad boys to your kitchen.  If you’re set on having a Wolf with dual-stacked burners and incredible style, don’t let lack of cooking skills scare you away.  They just take a little getting used to.  Hey, even if you don’t do much cooking at all, that sure is one good-looking appliance.

Wine Chillers

You can certainly have a luxury kitchen without a wine chiller, but why would you want to?  Even if you don’t drink a lot of wine, adding a built-in wine chiller can add value to your home.  If you do drink wine, you simply shouldn’t go without.  In order to successfully allow your favorite wines to age, they need to be stored in a stable, uniform temperature with controlled humidity.  Wine chillers provide the perfect environment to entertain your guests with a delicious selection of vino.