Tracy Ellis

Real Estate Magazine

Buying and Selling Edition 5

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Building a Custom Home

Advantages of building a custom home 

You can choose to build according to your lifestyle.  Whether you’re a new couple looking to start your new life together or a blossoming family of five, building a custom home gives you the opportunity to build for function.  It’s not always about having the latest up-and-coming home trends.  Sometimes,the most value in your home can come from building to best fit your family and lifestyle.  Do you work out a lot?  Include a fitness room.  From media rooms to gourmet kitchens, building custom means building around what matters to you.

You can handpick your site.  Choosing where to build your home is just as important as the home itself.  When building custom, there’s no need to worry about sacrificing location for the right builder, or vice versa.  A lot of my buyers are looking for some space to spread out, and that’s not always an option when buying an existing home.  By choosing your site, you’ll be in control of how many trees surround your home, school districts, and how cozy you’ll be with your neighbors.  You’re in charge, right down to the smallest detail.  When you’re building a custom home, everything from your light fixtures to the size of your breakfast room are in your control.  You  have a chance to build to fit your personality and style without having to jump through hoops.  Creating a scrapbook of everything you’d ever want in your dream home can really help organize ideas and get you on the right track.

Disadvantages of building custom.

Building custom will have its ups and down.  If you’ve never built custom before, be prepared for some stress.  You’re building a home from scratch, and I’m not just talking ground up.  First, a home has to be conceptualized and designed, which can take months all on its own.  All of those details can really start to add up and get out of control, but don’t worry too much.  Many custom builders offer different options where you can be as involved as you’d like, or take more of a backseat.  There’s no doubt building a custom home will come with a few challenges, but that first step into your dream home makes it all worth it.  If you’re not careful, costs can add up quickly.  Most people assume if you build custom, it’s going to cost an arm and a leg, but that’s just not the case.  With proper budgeting and understanding of your finances, building custom can actually help save you money.  It’s all about keeping your list of needs and wants realistic and building to compliment your lifestyle to the best of your ability.

However, it’s easy to get carried away.  If you don’t have the time to spend really focusing on details and budget, building custom might not be your best option. Buying existing offers more predictability.  When building custom, things can get off track.  You may plan to move-in within six months, but there are times when your move-in date has to be extended for whatever reason.  There are plenty of luxury homes that offer incredible features and would make perfect homes for you and your family.  If you need a little more predictability, buying a previously-owned luxury1 home is a perfect option.