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An Inside Look with Andrew Greenwell

Stars of “Million Dollar Listing San Francisco” on Bravo TV

Bravo TV has launched yet another entertaining installment of the Million Dollar Listing
franchise set in one of the world’s leading technological hotspots—San Francisco, California.  The fourth of it’s kind, Million Dollar Listing San Francisco follows the real estate careers of two of the areas top agents: Andrew Greenwell, and Roh Habibi.  The series is known for showcasing unbelievable luxury properties and incredible views, all wrapped up in the juiciest of real estate drama.  Million Dollar Listing San Francisco promises no less.

San Francisco is home to some of the country’s quirkiest people and most unique, sought-after real estate.  The area has an incredible social and consumer based technology
culture and is where social media giants like Instagram,Facebook, and Twitter have built their empires.  It’s up-and coming status as a technology capital of the world has housing prices skyrocketing, making for a cutthroat real estate market.  There’s no room for
negotiating or cutting corners when both sellers and buyers are expected to put their best foot forward.

The average property in the San Francisco market receives anywhere from five to seven cash offers.  It’s so competitive, buyer’s actually wave inspections.  To give you a bit of
perspective, in my twenty years as an agent, I’ve only had one person wave an inspection.  Watching their hectic, fast-paced lives gives me back a little of my own sanity knowing they too deal with chaotic situations—even if it is on a much larger scale.

The exposure from the show provides marketing opportunities for the agents as well as their clients, and in real estate—it’s all about marketing.  After six to eight months of filming, drama, and deals these guys truly understand what it means to go above and beyond to market your business in this industry.  I had the privilege of speaking with Andrew Greenwell on my weekly radio show, which airs every Sunday at 10 AM on FM News Talk 97.1.  He is full of passion, business savvy, and creativity—the perfect formula that makes him one of the most ambitious and successful real estate agents in the industry today.

Be sure  to tune into Million Dollar Listing San Francisco every Wednesday at 10/9c on Bravo TV.